Using Adaptive Encryption Based Genetic Algorithms For Medical Images
Ahmed Mahmood, Robert Dony, Shawki Areibi

This paper presents a novel efficient symmetric encryption
technique that can be applied to medical images. It uses genetic
algorithm which makes it highly adaptive. Standard DICOM
images are segmented into a number of regions based
on pixel intensity and entropy measurements. The novelty of
the selective encryption method lies in the use of several encryption
algorithms with variable key lengths to control the
processing time required for the encryption process and the
robustness quality. Encryption processing time, robustness
of the encrypted image and the side information required for
transmission of the decryption key are the main parameters
for optimization. The trade-off among them stems from the
variation in processing time with the key length of encryption
algorithm, image size, number of regions and the side information
to reduce processing time while maintaining a high
level of robustness.