Video-Informed Approach For Enhancing Audio Source Separation Through Noise Source Suppression
Jack Harris, Bertrand, Rivet, Syed Mohsen Naqvi, Jonathon A. Chambers, Christian Jutten

This paper describes a method where an interference noise
source within an audio source separation scenario is suppressed
from a mixture. The principal idea of the proposed
method is to use a video camera array for locating a interference
noise source whose 3D position will be used to estimate
a matrix of frequency responses (FRs) by linearly combining
a series of previously known FRs. A filter is calculated to
remove the contribution of the noise source from a convolutive
mixture at each microphone, through the estimated FRs.
The proposed method is assumed to implemented in a ‘blockwise"
manner in time domain and has been tested on mixtures
created by impulse responses generated by the image method
for small room acoustics.