A Constrained Approach For Extraction Of Pre-Ictal Discharges From Scalp EEG
Shahrzad Shapoori, Wenwu Wang, Saeid Sanei

A constrained blind source separation (BSS) approach for separation of intracranial spikes from scalp electroencephalogram (EEG) has been proposed in this paper. This method is based on creating a template from intracranial data, which is then used in the form of a constraint in a BSS algorithm. To generate a suitable template, the segments during which the brain discharges are labeled. Such segments are used to generate the necessary templates. Approximate entropy followed by peak detection and thresholding is used for this purpose. Constrained BSS is then applied to scalp data to extract the desired source and to evaluate its effect on scalp electrodes. The effectiveness of such a constrained approach has been demonstrated by comparing its outcome with that of the unconstrained method.