Robust Arabic Speaker Verification System Using LSF Extracted From The G.729 Bitstream
Kawthar Yasmine Zergat, Abderrahmane Amrouche, Meriem Fedila, Mohamed Debyeche

This paper deals with an Arabic text-independent speaker
verification system over the Internet Protocol (VoIP). The
system, using the ARADIGIT database and based on
Support Vector Machine (SVM), was designed to use the
information extracted directly from the coded parameters
embedded in the ITU-T G.729 bitstream. Experiments
evaluated the robustness of the system at different noisy
conditions. The results showed that the use of Line Spectral
Frequency (LSF) features extracted directly from G.729
encoded bitstream improved significantly the recognition
performance compared with the Mel Frequency Cepstral
Coefficients (MFCC) features extracted from decoded