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IEEE International Workshop on
Machine Learning for Signal Processing

September 21-24, 2014  Reims, France


Sunday September 21, 2014
14:30-16:30Tutorial: Brain Computer Interfacing: Signal Processing Challenges

Marc M. Van Hulle
Computational Neuroscience Group, KU Leuven, Belgium

Chair: Tülay Adali, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:30Tutorial: Sparse and Spurious: Dictionary Learning with Noise and Outliers

Rémi Gribonval
INRIA, Rennes, France

Chair: Tülay Adali, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Monday September 22, 2014
8:30-9:00Registration - Opening Session
9:00-10:00Keynote Lecture: Matrix/Tensor based EEG Signal Processing: Algorithms and Applications in Smart Patient Monitoring

Sabine Van Huffel
KU Leuven, Dept. of Electrical Engineering-ESAT, Stadius Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics, and iMinds Medical IT Department, Leuven, Belgium

Chair: Mamadou Mboup, Universite de Reims

10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:30Lecture Session: Latent Variable Analysis
Chair: Morten Mørup, Technical University of Denmark

10:30Brain Source Localization Using A Physics-Driven Structured Cosparse Representation Of EEG Signals
Laurent Albera, Srdjan Kitic, Nancy Bertin, Gilles Puy, Rémi Gribonval
10:50Audio Source Separation With Time-Frequency Velocities
Guy Wolf, Stéphane Mallat, Shihab Shamma
11:10On-The-Fly Audio Source Separation
Dalia El Badawy, Ngoc Q. K. Duong, Alexey Ozerov
11:30Improving The Robustness Of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Based Sensors By Bayesian Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Tommy S. Alstrøm, Kasper B. Frøhling, Jan Larsen, Mikkel N. Schmidt, Michael Bache, Michael S. Schmidt, Mogens H. Jakobsen, Anja Boisen
11:50Data Mining By Nonnegative Tensor Approximation
Rodrigo Cabral-Farias, Pierre Comon, Roland Redon
12:10Non-Negative Tensor Factorization With Missing Data For The Modeling Of Gene Expressions In The Human Brain
Søren Føns Vind Nielsen, Morten Mørup
14:00-16:00Lecture Session: Applications in Speech and Audio Processing
Chair: Robert Jenssen, University of Tromso

14:00Multiple Speaker Tracking With The Factorial Von Mises-Fisher Filter
Johannes Traa, Paris Smaragdis
14:20A Probabilistic Approach To Hearing Loss Compensation
Mojtaba Farmani, Bert De Vries
14:40Coherent Time Modeling Of Semi-Markov Models With Application To Real-Time Audio-To-Score Alignment
Philippe Cuvillier, Arshia Cont
15:00Ultra-Low-Power Voice-Activity-Detector Through Context And Resource-Cost-Aware Feature Selection In Decision Trees
Steven Lauwereins, Wannes Meert, Jort Gemmeke, Marian Verhelst
15:20A Probabilistic Approach For Phase Estimation In Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Using Von Mises Phase Priors
Josef Kulmer, Pejman Mowlaee, Mario kaoru Watanabe
15:40Inferring Clinical Depression From Speech And Spoken Utterances
Meysam Asgari, Izhak Shafran, Lisa B. Sheeber
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
Poster Session: Bayesian and Neural Networks
Chair: François Desbouvries, Telecom SudParis

Poster Session: Kernel, Sequential and Sparse Learning
Chair: Raviv Raich, Oregon State University

Poster Session: Applications in Audio and Others
Chair: Gerard Dreyfus, ESPCI

19:30-20:30Welcome Reception at Reims City Hall

Tuesday September 23, 2014
9:00-10:00Keynote Lecture: ICA and the Big Bang

Jean-François Cardoso
National Center for Scientific Research at the LTCI lab (Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l'Information), Paris, France

Chair: Éric Moreau, University of Toulon

10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:30Lecture Session: Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Machine Learning
Chair: André Ferrari, Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis

10:30On Convergence And Accuracy Of State-Space Approximations Of Squared Exponential Covariance Functions
Simo Sarkka, Robert Piche
10:50Nonparametric Statistical Structuring Of Knowledge Systems Using Binary Feature Matches
Morten Mørup, Fumiko Kano Glückstad, Tue Herlau, Mikkel N. Schmidt
11:10Expectation Propagation For Nonstationary Heteroscedastic Gaussian Process Regression
Ville Tolvanen, Pasi Jylänki, Aki Vehtari
11:30Unsupervised Trajectory Pattern Classification Using Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Mixture Hidden Markov Model
Vahid Bastani, Lucio Marcenaro, Carlo Regazzoni
11:50Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Local And Global Sparse Gaussian Processes
Tomoki Koriyama, Takashi Nose, Takao Kobayashi
12:10Signal Stochastic Decomposition Over Continuous Dictionaries
Zacharie Naulet, Éric Barat
14:00-15:40Lecture Session: Optimization Techniques for Large-Scale Learning
Chair: Pascal Bianchi, TELECOM ParisTech

14:00Tradeoffs For Task Parallelization In Distributed Optimization
Konstantinos I. Tsianos, Anand D. Sarwate, Michael G. Rabbat
14:20Fast Distributed Coordinate Descent For Non-Strongly Convex Losses
Olivier Fercoq, Zheng Qu, Peter Richtarik, Martin Takac
14:40A Stochastic Coordinate Descent Primal-Dual Algorithm And Applications
Pascal Bianchi, Walid Hachem, Franck Iutzeler
15:00Dictionary Learning over Large Distributed Models via Dual-ADMM Strategies
Zaid J. Towfic, Jianshu Chen, Ali H. Sayed
15:20A Delayed Proximal Gradient Method With Linear Convergence Rate
Hamid reza Feyzmahdavian, Arda Aytekin, Mikael Johansson
15:40-16:00Lecture Session: Data Competition Results
Chair: Vince D. Calhoun, The Mind Research Network and University of New Mexico

15:40The Tenth Annual MLSP Competition: Schizophrenia Classification Challenge
Rogers F Silva, Eduardo Castro, Cota Navin Gupta, Mustafa Cetin, Mohammad Reza Arbabshirani, Vamsi K Potluru, Sergey M Plis, Vince D Calhoun
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
Poster Session: Applications in Image Processing and Biomedicine
Chair: Yannick Berthoumieu, IMS Lab

Poster Session: Algorithms and Classification
Chair: Kostas Diamantaras, TEI of Thessaloniki

Poster Session: Data Competition Papers
Chair: Vince D. Calhoun, The Mind Research Network and University of New Mexico

19:00-22:30Banquet (Cellar Visit - Aperitif - Dinner) at GH MUMM

Wednesday September 24, 2014
9:00-10:00Keynote Lecture: Real-Time Brain Imaging in the Wild

Lars Kai Hansen
Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Chair: Jan Larsen, Technical University of Denmark

10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:30Lecture Session: Machine Learning for Big Data
Chair: Cédric Richard, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

10:30Diffusion LMS For Multitask Problems With Overlapping Hypothesis Subspaces
Jie Chen, Cédric Richard, Alfred O. Hero, Ali H. Sayed
10:50Large Scale Sparse Optimization For Object Detection In High Resolution Images
Aurelie Boisbunon, Remi Flamary, Alain Rakotomamonjy, Alain Giros, Josiane Zerubia
11:10Towards Big Data In QSAR/QSPR
Gerard Dreyfus, Arthur Duprat, Fabienne Dioury, Jean-Luc Ploix
11:30Map Estimation For Bayesian Mixture Models With Submodular Priors
Marwa El Halabi, Luca Baldassarre, Volkan Cevher
11:50Compact Web Browsing Profiles For Click-Through Rate Prediction
Bjarne Ørum Fruergaard, Lars Kai Hansen
12:10Robust Covariance Estimation And Linear Shrinkage In The Large Dimensional Regime
Romain Couillet, Matthew Mckay
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