mlsplogo MLSP2015
IEEE International Workshop on
Machine Learning for Signal Processing

September 17-20, 2015  Boston, USA

Accepted Papers

73 out of 146 papers (50%) were accepted.

Paper Author(s) Title
7 Theodoros Tsiligkaridis, Keith W Forsythe A Sequential Bayesian Inference Framework For Blind Frequency Offset Estimation
9 Yuanzhe Bei, Pengyu Hong Maximizing Margin Quality And Quantity
10 Qinbing Fu, Shigang Yue Modelling Lgmd2 Visual Neuron System
11 Matthew Nokleby, Ahmad Beirami, Robert Calderbank A Rate-Distortion Framework For Supervised Learning
12 Olivier Harant, Louise Foan, François Bertholon, Séverine Vignoud, Pierre Grangeat Nonparametric Bayesian Inference On Environmental Waters Chromatographic Profiles
13 Jérôme Pasquet, Marc Chaumont, Gérard Subsol, Mustapha Derras An Efficient Multi-Resolution Svm Network Approach For Object Detection In Aerial Images
14 Gianluigi Pillonetto Identification Of Hybrid Systems Using Stable Spline Kernels
15 Jamshid Sourati, Deniz Erdogmus, Murat Akcakaya, Steve C Kazmierczak, Todd K Leen A Novel Delta Check Method For Detecting Laboratory Errors
16 Mostafa Rahmani, George Atia Randomized Robust Subspace Recovery For Big Data
21 Olga Zoidi, Nikos Nikolaidis, Anastasios Tefas, Ioannis Pitas Multi-Modal Label Propagation Based On A Higher Order Similarity Matrix
26 Hong-Phuong Dang, Pierre Chainais A Bayesian Non Parametric Approach To Learn Dictionaries With Adapted Numbers Of Atoms
27 Hua Bu Chen, Bo Chen, Wei Hong Liu, Feng Xue Zhang Max-Margin Similarity Preserving Factor Analysis Via Gibbs Sampling
29 Amirhossein Tavanaei, Anthony S Maida Studying The Interaction Of A Hidden Markov Model With A Bayesian Spiking Neural Network
32 Rubem G. Vasconcelos Machado, Hilton De Oliveira Mota Simple Self-Scalable Grid Classifier For Signal Denoising In Digital Processing Systems
34 Nan-Feng Jie, Elizabeth Osuch, Mao-Hu Zhu, Xiao-Ying Ma, Michael Wammes, Tian-Zi Jiang, Jing Sui, Vince Calhoun Discriminating Bipolar Disorder From Major Depression Using Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity: A Feature Selection Analysis With Svm-Foba Algorithm
35 Amir Jalalirad, Tjalling Tjalkens Using A Penalized Maximum Likelihood Model For Feature Selection
38 Anh T. Pham, Raviv Raich, Xiaoli Z. Fern Simultaneous Instance Annotation And Clustering In Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning
39 Ramesh Annavajjala, Rami S Mangoubi, Christopher C Yu, James M Zagami An Online Learning Approach To Throughput Optimization In Wireless Networks Under Dynamic And Unknown Interference Conditions
40 Fahd Bouzaraa, Onay Urfalioglu A Naive Bayes Approach To Improve Histogram Matching Quality
41 Jose F. Ruiz-Munoz, Zeyu You, Raviv Raich, Xiaoli Z. Fern Dictionary Extraction From A Collection Of Spectrograms For Bioacoustics Monitoring
43 Sadaf Monajemi, Saeid Sanei, Sim-Heng Ong, Ali H. Sayed Adaptive Regularized Diffusion Adaptation Over Multitask Networks
45 Chao-Hui Huang Semi-Supervised Color Decomposition For Histopathological Images Using Exclusive Component Analysis
46 Yi-Ting Bao, Jen-Tzung Chien Tensor Classification Network
49 Elnaz Barshan, Paul Fieguth, Alexander Wong Scalable Multi-Neighborhood Learning For Convolutional Networks
50 Carla Agurto, Simon Barriga, Mark Burge, Peter Soliz Characterization Of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy In Infrared Video Sequences Using Independent Component Analysis
52 Evangelia Pantraki, Constantine Kotropoulos Automatic Image Tagging And Recommendation Via Parafac2
55 Francesco A. N. Palmieri, Amedeo Buonanno Discrete Independent Component Analysis (DICA) With Belief Propagation
56 Hadrien Glaude, Cyrille Enderli, Olivier Pietquin Learning Of Scanning Strategies For Electronic Support Using Predictive State Representations
57 Antonio Jesus Diaz-Honrubia, Johan De Praeter, Sebastiaan Van Leuven, Jan De Cock, Jose Luis Martinez, Pedro Cuenca Using Bayesian Classifiers For Low Complexity Multiview H.264/avc And Hevc Hybrid Architecture
61 Matineh Shaker, Mustafa Devrim Kaba, Deniz Erdogmus Manifold Unwrapping Using Critical Surfaces
63 Hirokazu Kameoka Modeling Speech Parameter Sequences With Latent Trajectory Hidden Markov Model
64 Mohammad Moghadamfalahi, Jamshid Sourati, Murat Akcakaya, Hooman Nezamfar, Marzieh Haghighi, Deniz Erdogmus Active Learning For Efficient Querying From A Human Oracle With Noisy Response In A Language Model Assisted Brain Computer Interface
67 Aldo Mora Sánchez, Antoine Gaume, Gérard Dreyfus, Francois Benoit Vialatte A Cognitive Brain-Computer Interface Prototype For The Continuous Monitoring Of Visual Working Memory Load
68 Matthew Emigh, Evan Kriminger, Jose Carlos Principe A Model Based Approach To Exploration Of Continuous-State MDPs Using Divergence-To-Go
70 Nuri Denizcan Vanli, Muhammed Omer Sayin, Ibrahim Delibalta, Suleyman Serdar Kozat Universal Online Prediction Via Order Preserving Patterns
72 Yonghong Huang, Paula Greve Large Scale Graph Mining For Web Reputation Inference
73 Matineh Shaker, Deniz Erdogmus, Jennifer Dy, Sylvain Bouix Sparse Model Learning For High Dimensional Diffusion MRI Data In Traumatic Brain Injury
74 Ching-Chun Huang, Hoang Tran Vu A Multi-Layer Discriminative Framework For Parking Space Detection
79 Emre Onuk, Murat Akcakaya, Jaydeep Bardhan, Deniz Erdogmus, Dana Brooks, Lee Makowski Maximum A Posteriori Estimation Of Relative Abundances Of Protein Conformations
80 Farhan Khan, Ibrahim Delibalta, Suleyman Serdar Kozat High Dimensional Sequential Regression On Manifolds Using Adaptive Hierarchical Trees
82 Alvaro Emilio Ulloa, Sergey Plis, Erik Barry Erhardt, Vince Calhoun Synthetic Structural Magentic Resonance Image Generator Improves Deep Learning Prediction Of Schizophrenia
86 Cristina Soguero-Ruiz, Robert Jenssen Kernel Covariance Series Smoothing
87 Takato Goto, Yasushi Hanatsuka, Tomoyuki Higuchi, Tomoko Matsui Road Condition Classification Using A New Global Alignment Kernel
90 Muhammed Omer Sayin, Nuri Denizcan Vanli, Ibrahim Delibalta, Suleyman Serdar Kozat Efficient And Distributed Tracking Of Evolving State
93 Rasmus Erbou Roege, Mikkel Schmidt, Kristoffer Hougaard Madsen, Morten Morup Unsupervised Segmentation Of Task Activated Regions In Fmri
97 Joakim Andén, Vincent Lostanlen, Stéphane Mallat Joint Time-Frequency Scattering For Audio Classification
101 Hamid Dadkhahi, Marco F. Duarte, Benjamin Marlin Isomap Out-Of-Sample Extension For Noisy Time Series Data
102 Andrew Knyazev, Alexander Malyshev Accelerated Graph-Based Spectral Polynomial Filters
103 Yichi Zhang, Zhiyao Duan Retrieving Sounds By Vocal Imitation Recognition
104 Duo Chen, Suiren Wang, Forrest Sheng Bao Epileptic Focus Localization Using EEG Based On Discrete Wavelet Transform Through Full-Level Decomposition
105 Eduardo Castro, Devon Hjelm, Sergey M Plis, Laurent Dinh, Jessica A Turner, Vince D Calhoun Deep Independence Network Analysis Of Structural Brain Imaging: A Simulation Study
112 Huseyin Ozkan, Fatih Ozkan, Ibrahim Delibalta, Suleyman S. Kozat Online Anomaly Detection With Constant False Alarm Rate
116 Rodrigo Carvajal, Juan Carlos Agüero, Boris Ivan Godoy, Dimitrios Katselis A MAP approach for lq−norm regularized sparse parameter estimation using the EM algorithm
117 Gabriel Nallathambi, Jose Principe, Neil Euliano Pulse Based Signal Processing For Systolic Peak Recognition
120 Mengqi Ji, Lu Fang, Haitian Zheng, Matti Strese, Eckehard Steinbach Preprocessing-Free Surface Material Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks Pretrained By Sparse Autoencoder
121 Hung-Yu Chen, Jen-Tzung Chien Deep Semi-Supervised Learning For Domain Adaptation
122 Zhicong Qiu, David Jonathan Miller, George Kesidis Detecting Clusters Of Anomalies On Low-Dimensional Feature Subsets With Application To Network Traffic Flow Data
123 Iman Abbasnejad, Damien Teney A Hierarchical Bayesian Network For Face Recognition Using 2D And 3D Facial Data
126 Fernando Marquez Villavicencio, Jordi Sanjaume Bonada Observation-Model Error Compensation For Enhanced Spectral Envelope Transformation In Voice Conversion
131 Pejman Khadivi, Prithwish Chakraborty, Ravi Tandon, Naren Ramakrishnan Time Series Forecasting Via Noisy Channel Reversal
132 Yossi Adi, Joseph Keshet, Matthew Goldrick Vowel Duration Measurement Using Deep Neural Networks
134 Andrea Cogliati, Zhiyao Duan, Brendt Wohlberg Piano Music Transcription With Fast Convolutional Sparse Coding
135 Loukianos Spyrou, Samaneh Kouchaki, Saeid Sanei Multiview Classification Of Brain Data Through Tensor Factorisation
137 Sven Krasser, Brett Meyer, Patrick Crenshaw Valkyrie: Behavioral Malware Detection Using Global Kernel-Level Telemetry Data
138 Hang Yu, Justin Dauwels Variational Bayes Learning Of Graphical Models With Hidden Variables
141 Karol Jerzy Piczak Environmental Sound Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
143 Mihai Cucuringu, Joseph Woodworth Ordinal Embedding Of Unweighted Knn Graphs Via Synchronization
144 Ruizhe Li, Constantine Kotropoulos, Chang Tsun Li, Yu Guan Random Subspace Method For Source Camera Identification
145 Yasin Yilmaz, Alfred O. Hero Multimodal Factor Analysis
148 Robert Mccormick Taylor, Jr., Burhan Necioglu Statistical Embeddings Using A Multilayer Union Of Subspaces
149 Shahrzad Shapoori, Saeid Sanei, Wenwu Wang Blind Source Separation Of Medial Temporal Discharges Via Partial Dictionary Learning
152 Bradley T. Baker, Rogers F. Silva, Vince D. Calhoun, Anand D. Sarwate, Sergey M. Plis Large Scale Collaboration With Autonomy: Decentralized Data ICA
154 Fatemeh Azmandan, David Kaeli, Jennifer Dy, Javed Aslam Securing Virtual Execution Environments Through Machine Learning-Based Intrusion Detection
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