Enhanced Distance Subset Approximation Using Class-Specific Subspace Kernel Representation For Kernel Approximation
Yinan Yu, Chalmers University of Technology
Konstantinos Diamantaras, TEI of Thessaloniki
Tomas Mckelvey, Chalmers University of Technology
S.y. Kung, Princeton University

The computational complexity of kernel methods grows at least quadratically with respect to the training size and hence low rank kernel approximation techniques are commonly used. One of the most popular approximations is constructed by sub-sampling the training data. In this paper, we present a sampling algorithm called Enhanced Distance Subset Approximation (EDSA) based on a novel kernel function called CLAss-Specific Kernel (CLASK), which applies the idea of subspace clustering to low rank kernel approximation. By representing the kernel matrix based on a class-specific subspace model, it is allowed to use distinct kernel functions for different classes, which provides a better flexibility compared to classical kernel approximation techniques. Experimental results conducted on various UCI datasets are provided in order to verify the proposed techniques.